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About Us
Fabrico Cleaning Solutions is a one stop service provider for all Garment Care requirements. The services are divided as following:

  • Laundry
  • Dryclean
  • Steam Ironing
  • Shoe & Backpack Cleaning
  • Starching

FABRICO brings you the best Tech- Driven Laundry & Dry cleaning setup. Our story began with a mission to be the Leader of the Dry cleaning & Laundry sector and to cater our consumers with the best they desire. Fabrico, since 2019, has emerged to be a highly versatile provider of Dry Cleaning & laundry, with a performance driven approach and a solid consumer reach. Thanks to our capability to maintain dynamic process and unique products for catering to the ever changing demands of our distinguished consumers as the company's primary focus.

We procure our products from Germany’s leading textile care product manufacturer “SEITZ” having significant presence in the industry across the globe.

FABRICO CLEANING SOLUTIONS welcomes partnership with entrepreneurs & investors with interest in business and ability to demonstrate sustainable growth. Future oriented, fast-growing and competitively positioned Fabrico is India’s best Tech-driven Dry cleaning & Laundry expanding networks to the nooks and corners of the country.

Our overall business strength is shaped by our core strategies and values. We strive to uphold the competence and excellence of our products by constantly upgrading and forecasting the industry trends.
Lead the Laundry & Dry cleaning Sector with best tech-driven home curated services and become the Industry trendsetter.
To be India’s best Laundry & Dry Cleaning service provider.
We strive to be honest & transparent in delivering our promises. We continue to develop & improvise our business ethics and code of conduct to serve our clients and consumers the best of the industry.
Our Journey
2 friends, a few drinks and 1 phenomenal idea later,Fabrico was born!
Dream of having a laundry & dry cleaning retail actualises and a pair of 2 founding members become a team of 8 driven visionaries!
Early 2019
Fabrico kickstarts with a launch of 3 stores across India from up North to Down South!
Late 2019
Fabrico witnesses massive growth and goes on to open 12 new stores in less than 4 months despite the global pandemic!
Farbrico embarks on an expansion journey and covers 4 states we become proud partners of 50 + stores and set up our headquarters in the city of Nawabs-Lucknow!
Early 2021
Fabrico gets bigger and better with PAN India presenceand a team of 40+ experienced professionals!
Late 2021